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Thank you Katrina, I can't even begin to put into words how much this video has helped me.What is the scientific source for what you wrote?Have you used this video to help you study?It's so soothing for my soul.Hii, Good Morning Let's meditate (Day 1)Thanks jbittersweet.That's a well done, and amazing accomplishment God bless you all.

You can play now1:002:434:26 6:179:59 7:528:58.YOUR WORK is very much APPRECIATED.Vividly picture yourself somewhere happy and relaxed, for me, at some quiet tropical beach in the South Pacific.Dear didi you are a super women in the world, Happy women's day.For a sec i thought its was an ad lol.Because the narcissist lacks empathy, the feelings of those they abuse are never taken into consideration.Have a great day everyone.Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got amazing success with it.Oooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo.

Your all over it

Your all over it

I can keep them on for awhile but while I sleep I take them off without knowing it.How thinks that just like.I actually get to sleep when someone is talking in a soothing way.Powerful Point interpretation appx 17:20 --> a truly Stellar Statement.This another level of bullshit no we are given choice and we will go through good and bad but we will learn that we are all equal n yeah god can do the judging but why do I feel on a physical level?The ego has to be the biggest barrier of all for a musician.

Can you please do one for muscular and toned lower body?We are sharing videos daily.Even if it's one nostril breathing.May joy love health wealth prosperity and peace cross your path always and abundantly.I have for so long expected people to love me in the way I need to be loved.Mahadev apko hamesa khus rakhaJai sanatan darm.I have tried listening to a lot of meditation videos and just coming back to yours after a few minutes.Thank you for making this, blessed am I thank you.

I have always had the habit of shutting people out since I was a kid like literally.She looks like Rebecca Long Bailey.You just need to experiment and do the thing you should do, not the thing you want or don’t want to do.Totally needed this right now as I am learning to trust again.If you're "meditating on a problem" then you're not clearing your mind, are you?It felt like I was at a Migos concert literally, it was weird don't know why that song was playing.When they say negative energy,that is usually code word for feminine energy which is primordial, cosmic(dark), predates the existence of man.I can't continue towatch this.

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Mizshell Mxioi

It's time for BC and Ontario to have quick access drive through testing sites! Our numbers do not reflect the true of people infected!WHO states "test, test, test"

Barbara Czerwiska

Pikna muzyka Spokj ale nie zawsze atwo jest zasn szukam odpowiedzi gdzie byam przez 49lat nie widziaam e smutne moje ycie nie cofne czasu ale teraz ciesz si jestem sama i ju nic nie musze jak piewa Pani Geppert jak byoby mi le eby nie byo piknej muzyki takiej spokojnej bo teraz tylko tego mi potrzeba

Russian Red

1:47am in USA why am I awake

Cathy Wardrep


Dawood S

How can I do a vision board without magazines? I dnt buy magazines

Christopher Lewis

Fairy Tail! Anyone?

Fresher than your mess

One love. Infinite

Denise Gaillard

thank you so much for your message

Salman Ahmed

Emergence of monotheism out of polytheism and It parallels the development of a unified morality in within each of us as we develop across time.

Indivisive Brind

I sobbed during the first 20 minutes when I sat down for a bit of meditation before bed. I'm definitely going to be falling asleep to this, this is EXACTLY what I needed. I've been working on positive thinking because I'm the type to beat myself up constantly. And I mean constantly. Thank you so much for this video

Pushpinder Singh


Rokea Khatun

Who likes Sandeep Maheshwari? Like here

vijaya laxmi

Oooommmmmmmmmm great feeling thank you so much for giving devotional mantra


Wow...awesome music...thank you sooo much


... .. goooooooooood

Space Lover

This music helps me calm down and think what I want to do and one of that is escape humanity and go places around the universe and explore it and find another life and live happily and not in places we’re you have jobs bills and other things that keep you from living the life that YOU want to live and enjoy so always keep YOUR passion and don’t be what everyone else want you to be and just be YOU

laughing frank

Thanks you dude, I ended up caring on myself right now I'm 18 I live my social life always caring about others and felt that I needed their acceptance but dude I going to university seing that I was always enough so yeah thanks a lot mate

Kresien //M

After attaining that peace. All Meditation can lead to a Kundalini awakening

Jonathan S.

It looks like you've lost quite a bit of weight! You look really good! Fantastic video as always


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