Abraham Hicks - Stop Depriving Yourself Now (2016)

I need prayer and deliverance.I just watch the wall for 9 hours and it goes by so fast!Try and get Ronnie Pickering hes the hardest guy in the UK.Thanks a million, for the first time in 15 years, my mind has felt the most quiet today.

I can tell that he is "the stone that builder refused" in regards to that Hindu temple.I have a very bad memory and I always make mistake in numbers can you suggest anything for me plsssss.Its tough to concetrate on words when some is so beautiful.I love that we can actually really leave our body.Hmmm music, have you heard of "IMEE OOI" who is an Asian spiritual singer?Next is a bone density test, heart test (treadmill), gonna see my dentist, and last is to see my gyno so I am utilizing sick leave as I have many appointments.The sexual tension is real.

If you read this just know Jamie loves you.I love that you chose her to be on the show.I just feel like I'm coming up to things in very like exaggerated ways and no one is really talking so it ends up being funny, which it is, but at the same time I kind of have remorseful feelings about the idea of continuing this style.Pain is often a trampoline that’s launching is into the next step of life, if we’re willing to let it idk but there is something powerful about this.Everyone i see in the comment use this song to go to sleep.

I would have loved this meditation had he spoken a bit slower, calmer, and took longer pauses.I Abundant, I am Rich I am Billionaire.CELEBRATE THIS EVENT CALLED LIFE.Thank you for this wonderful music I can picher the movies in my head when I close my eyes and my fevered ones are My naber Totoro and Spirited a way.What ever your experiences are, not shared in this vedio.If everybody can find time to do meditation everyday our world will be a better place to live where everybody will be in harmony with each other.Explained its meaning well.But Battlefield Earth was a fantastic fun book.31:53When you prefix something with my you own it.Michael you're actually very special!

This is a beautifull meditation space.

This is a beautifull meditation space.

I’m sure it helps them to keep going.I still have not found a job yet.I have to admit that could be the reason but I have seen way to much of him and heard him intellectually destroyed on topics which he claims to be an expert.Gratefully yours, friend,Anita.You forgot the "t" typo I guess.As if anybody needed more BS.I have been doing alpha meditation for last 3 weeks only, already feeling great, I’m gonna try this tonight.

Concurrency between what I think, feel, say and do.We can be in different age or religion or sex,but we same in music choice.Yo qusuera tuberias mas likes.To get neurons to un fire and rewire takes a simple methodical and constantly practiced training that reaps huge almost magical rewards.And stunnig images from nature!So grateful for POWER THOUGHTS.Bruh I heckin love this reader's voice.Is it a psychological trick you’re trying out by quickly flashing the subscribe button on screen?Exuse mois mais elle est n morte mille pardon!Bill Gates says he's wiping out malaria but the reality is of what he's doing as far as medicine goes is far from it and it's evil!

Will this help someone with arthritis?

Will this help someone with arthritis?

Sounds like you’re talking about Islam’s core.Why would Ann give Ron cold water filled with ice if he has the flue.Punarapi jananaM punarapi maraNaMpunarapi jananii jaThare shayanam.I’m waking up at 3am to 3.With his mentality he changed my life, making me doing sport from obese and leading me to become a personal trainer.I miss her so much, I got depression.We did not monetize this video.But please, always remember that you are enough and capable!Trussle Russell - deep relief are these based on you or a elite piss take out of you?

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Nikki Naparst

Hallelujah! Been waiting for this. Just in time.

Kilda Essha

I feel how in a brain crinkles work

yadaiah kyathramoni

Om namashivaya

Henry Phelps

I am the Divine knowledge of pH balance

Clean World

Kisi me saans phoonk kar pran kaise liye jate han ye ab jakar pata laga .

Daniela Marian

Good morning, brilliant Tim Orchestra, Singers. Very impressive and this Video. Thank you so much. God bless you always.

Jazzy Is me

This is nice thank you

sin tangen

You talk so many things .why is that you keep quiet on your pm .

karma o'malley

d-pak dresses like a gay robot.


There is so much insight and hidden knowledge in this interview however regardless of how much a person masters these principals it will not save you from the inevitable judgement of the creator.

Inspiring Path



yes for a meditation every day

Shreya kumari

Apunich hi bhagwan hai

ramces gaston

I watched this for the second time and I must say the fall guy isn't my wing man or woman anymore.

paramvir singh

Bimari ke baare me kaise likhe mam

Cardigan Babe

too long for a guided meditation.my mind starts drifting away by the 7th minute.


This may be the most potent sedative ASMR video I have seen.


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