Affirmations For Morning Anxiety, Worry, Chronic Stress (LISTEN For 21 Days)

Putting me with the retards and the lost sheep can't find one God in 7.Good meditation is good habit in life.Like, if you came here looking for corona virus.

I’ve missed you sm

I’ve missed you sm

Meditation is fantastic but hy do we do it and what can it actually be used for besides feeling better?Gurus for hire have ruined anything 'spiritual' for me.I think its my new favorite.I am so glad I came across it.This argument is elaborated in greater detail here:I have my son he is ADHD so that can help him,if so how?We need more interdisciplinarity, so that these biology and psychology geniuses dont keep reinventing the wheel over and over again.Also, wayyy to fast for a meditation format.

You should make and app on Alexa echo spot device.I purchased his book pleasure trap and nothing is there compared to this video, big cheater.Pardon me but what did you just say?Sending you so much love and light.Boris Johnson is really coming into his own as prime minister and is doing daily press conferences and also trying to get engineering companies to help support the supply of extra medical equipment to hospitals.[and] feel it but it was alive in their minds.We must form a personal compromise with technology if we are to reap the benefit of both.The ppl that are doing this sold their souls to bypass this cull.I would’ve yelled a NO a couple of times and when people turned to look at me I would’ve said.Thank you ever so much and I am so grateful for this video right now!

The other part ismen get a ego boost and power over women when they get women to participate in there own exploitation by cohesion, and that has A LOT OF EVIL attached to it.I have never felt anything like that through meditation.Then I started seeing black swirling spirits surrounding my body not letting breathe and it went all wrong lol.12:43 The problem is that most guys have nice guy syndrome so they are incredibly ashamed that they have any sexual/romantic interest in a woman.I always seem to be able,to forgive.Tense your feet how to do it?Death will take us one by one but as long as we are here we will always have each other.He look like Sheldon Cooper.For those who dont know, grain mixed with water, desinfecting works.

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sharon anderson

Dear Marisa so glad I found you. You have been such an encouragement. Blessings and thank you.

Laxmi Devi Laxmi Devi


Eli Pitre

Nice vid

Rusk Reeder

Beautifully edited. I like your glass teapot and teas.

Dale Redding

This is amazing I hear it like it's in the middle of my head!!!

Millie Ortiz

Thank you so much for this reading and meditation. I really needed this. I feel refreshed and great. Blessing sent your way.

Tro 209

My very first meditation today, and I must say it was a great experience! I was getting sooo relaxed when you started counting. I started to lose the feeling in my body cause I was so focused on what was going on in my mind. Absolutely wonderful, thank you for this

prerana nandani


V. V.

I love the idea of how many v.s. the amount of donations. Helps getting people informed.Great vid.

Dinesh Chowhan

I had goosebumps watching this...Your speech is really Authentic.


Everyone is wide awake it’s these three individuals that feel someone should be at fault. That someone should be looking after them through sickness and through health.I don’t need or want Medicare at all. I save my money every months now for getting close to 12 years and rely on myself. You fools constantly whining about something that the governmentshould be doing for you, how about doing something for your own DAM SELF?!

Alexandra Maria

I love your videos they are the only thing that helps me get through my panic attacks. Thank you so much you have no idea how grateful I am for you guys.

Rose Perrin

Thank you so much for this dynamic video. Your presentation is excellent. I had never learned how to meditate. I am68 years old and a beginner. I was able to relax and not feel intimidated. Thank you so much. You certainly reach several generations.

Irina Kartik

Fascinated me too

Yer rosenbeck

"I recommend this grateful it exists in 2020."

Vijesh Kumar

AUM sweet aum


What Meditation do you use?

Dr Saleha PT

Thank you Sadhguru .. I really feel so calm and peace wen I listenur words..

Unicorn Stellar

Watching your video in itself is a vibration- raising step .

Manju Jalan

Naman Sadguru


The only Spiritual master of true and everlasting worth is Yahshua/Jesus folks, Yahshua is the most fantastic teacher Russell Brand fails to properly recognise and is in fact utterly blind to. The Holy Spirit leads to and testifies of Yahshua and Him only. Spirit gives eyes to see and a heart to understand and with them we understand that, incredibly, the Bible is the most life changing book there is or ever will be


Can you think these affirmations instead of saying them out loud? What if you can't speak?


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