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Ive been going through a terrible breakup but this video here.The ads kill the whole thing.Even in that respect, you are a leader to many as we learn how to become leaders in our own lives as we watch you do the same as you lead this community to new places.Whoever made this is making it to the good place.When I lay down and listen to this, my stomach's been hurting for the past week and this comes down my stomach and it comes down the horrible things in my head.

They never see the goodness that I do.You win the internet laughing stock award, dude.Just a mailbox outside your home,Massage me you home mailing address for the flyer Thanks.So who has done more for himself and the humanity.You won’t find it in any Bible now.

I need more celtic

I need more celtic

Fascinating point about humor.Who else is watching in the middle of the 2020 covid-19 global panic?Then my mom plopped the duck into the creek and to my surprise there was a big duck and another small duck.Listen, human, I’m the scribe and messenger of my Lord God, hear this message, in your hearts, this message is already recorded when you were born, you will know this message is the truth.I felt my frequency/vibration showing how dirty and cloudy I was.SAD-guru removed his daughter from school and teaching her dance.Future does not exist and it remain future forever, you never meet future and only you collected past, some collection of some good experiences and some good food eaten which no more exist but only in book of memory which you open andread from time to time in order to enjoy stories and traveling you did but it is notequal to what is in this moment.Nd video's great inspiration for me.You have my deepest regards.All those bright words put together in that particular order.

These day I couldn’t sleep well if I don’t put my ear phone and listen to these sound of nature,thanks for this beautiful music." and "Are you with me still?But do not play with fire if you do not know what you are doing.I was so moved by The Power of Now that Iwrote a song inspired by the book.A lot of people don't seem to like it.This is a surprisingly good talk.The orthodoxy tells us that there are no differences in our mental capacities.Create financial abundance for my family and I.At the edge of extinction.

Great health to those who follow me.The standing thing as a group when meeting another group?Sending positive energy, good vibes, and love to anyone out there who may feel that the world is coming down upon them.Thx for reading my comment and liking it.But i find concentrating so hard!It's crazy how we get caught up in our daily hustle bustles and just forget the simple thing of breathing.Since we're no longer living in such environments, our inherited behaviors are not always useful and sometimes significant obstacles to our own goals.Feel the Magic, feel fantastic, everlasting.Why are you reading the comments you should be meditating.Sir make a case study on IFFCO.

Does that include the coffins laid

Does that include the coffins laid

I feel like my guide might have forced me out.10:54 that shit goes hard for a lo-fi song, i love it.You can go in and out and find pasture once the pineal gland is activated.Compliance dept will not allow us to stock pile because everything, including masks come with expiration date and we forced to throw anyway that is expired before we could use it.Wow, just wow, as I sit here experiencing this on my Steve-Jobs-invented iPhone.Every single day I listen to you Mooij.I purchased a Palo Santo stick and I played this video.I'm sorry, I should stop looking at your neck.To turn my anxiety into an anxiety for what is happening to all people and thus it becomes a kind of love.And this talkdown helps me relax and fall asleep peacefully everytime I listen.

Through meditation we can reduce

Through meditation we can reduce

Thank you for sharing because there's a lot of fear right now.Advertisement kam logo ke liye jyada usefull vedio banaye toh jyada popularity milegi.He is a once in a lifetime politician who gives politics a good wrap.I would find this series more interesting if Tom focused more on asking questions that the public would have rather than just reflect upon his personal life and try to connect every concept with some past experience.What's the difference between an account and a lawyer?Clearly Kev’s legacy is for the greater good.5k dislikes by mentally challenged people.Please join me in prayer:that my dad (basem)is completely healed.

The spirit is a being, like the body, that grows and ages.Sales, sounds like the old agricultural adoption paradigm.Others don't create your world you do.All this laser shots in a background are fucking annoying.But if he didn't like medicine, he wouldn't have pushed past the struggles, so he must have loved studying and being a doctor.In the end, the central bank owns all the debt created?I haven't been using my intuition at all yikes.ComOur good Reputations has spoken for us and our past Customers are delighted try us today and get swift delivery of your medications to your doorstep They are 100% legitThey are fast and reliable.Once I start the video, ads are played as I am trying to relax.

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chad gogort

I don't want a hovering request for membership in my youtube viewing experience.It's frustrating and annoying and makes me not want to watch your channel.THUMBS DOWN!

handsome latest

Thank you auntie

JJ Johnson

Please help I've been listening to this track for over two years now. I am a victim of mind control technology, to the point it created an identity crisis and the people doing this were taking over my thoughts and my belief systems. They forced me to change who I was, and now that they are gone I've forgotten who I am, my purpose in life, my goals have demolished, and my drive and inspiration have ran dry. Is there a binaural beat that can help me heal my mind on a conscious level to help me restore back to my old self?

Kay Si

good job my kids loved it so much

Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music

Today is Yellow Brick Cinema’s 7th birthday! I want to thank each and every one of our subscribers and fans for your incredible support over the years it means so much to me! I am excited today to announce the launch of our new Instagram account at Our Instagram account will take you behind the scenes of Yellow Brick Cinema, where I will share news, inspirational quotes, and Instagram-only mindfulness videos for you to enjoy on-the-go. I hope you will join me on Instagram and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Love, Margie.

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Sital Arya

I am thankful of u maam this is the message for me

tinu flint

After watching a 1:15 hour video I got to admit, your teeth are brighter than my future!! XD

The Soul Voice

very successful

Wade James Kennedy


Halida pretty cool

I need miracle in my marriage, love and respect and peaceful home. So help me God

Abhimanyu Poudel

Osho ke awaj dalo salo...

Vanessa Melo Albacete

Im a Big fan from Brazil

Worship Songs

Christmas is coming, everyone. Let's celebrate Christmas decoration together ..

Nsubuga Shem Nelson

Worship the Lord with me. it is time of worship because the Lord is good.

sad knight

Let me tell you a story there a man who cared just for him self a kid who always get what he wanted theend was near and earth was about to explode there was one ship he ran to the ship and people screaming wait for me wait for me he didn't listen he took off by him self while earth exploded in pieces and he was happy for a couple of days but then he realized he got no one to talk the man cried till he died by hunger and low oxygen alone while the people who died by the explosion..didn't die alone...


Wow russels come a long way! I def enjoyed that


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