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Can you feel the pull from your heart and soul wanting you to BE YOU?Glory be to Jesus hallelujah.May all beings be in Peace and JoyOM.

God bless you

God bless you

People who come at others with bad intentions and are selfish under no mercy harming someone else, and/or many others would have free reign with your philosophy and as society is showing a tendency to going this route, unfortunately!I found a string of relativeness of thoughts that connects them all.So I decided to meet her in person and help her to renew the passport.God bless you and keep you dear lady.Thank you for helping me to heal myself.Greatness comes from practicing skills it takes more then just talking big about yourself or having a cocky attitude to win favor.Oooh God heal my wounded soul and give me peace.If I had one last wish, it would be to be with my heavenly father in heaven where he can hold me in his arms and dry away all my tears I cry from having to endure certain people who can be down right nasty bitter and unkind and I don't want to become this.Much gratitude and thanks to you for inspiring us to lead cleaner and healthier lives.This meditation has me feeling extremely emotional and crying buckets of tears today.

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Thanks sir thanks for your helpful video.If possible it would be nice to have a meditation for healing aches and pains in the body as well general well being.I would support by other means i am sure you have many supporters.63 years of pain and trauma finally released.A lot of good things and feelings.

We need "OM NAMO SHIVAY"In same way of

We need "OM NAMO SHIVAY"In same way of

Yes write the book please.This info on meditation is exactly what I was missing.Sir aap bas kamaal aur kamaal ho.This stupid idiot doesnt have the time and said i painted.I feel coolness in my body whenever i heard ur videos even at starting point.1:07 "Women on a low salt diet cause more miscarriages"LOL.As i was listening, i was seeing lots of colors.

", or John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him would not PERISH (notice it doesn't say suffer eternally), but have everlasting life (the opposite of perishing).Your teeth are sparkling why these are so white?I am open to receiving good and only good.It's impressive the amount of life knowledge that the first 3 minutes have.I wanted to study but I played the guitar.Well, continues Mario, as I unzipped my trousers my bloody fly got jammed and I couldn’t get my pants off!Mind Hack- (20th century version) physical methods used to bypass cerebral cortex to achieve contentment and bliss (see hacksaw) (21st century version) virtual methods used to bypass cerebral cortex to achieve contentment and bliss (see Grand Theft Auto IV) (Talk show version) any psychologist endorsed by Oprah.I wonder what the real Russel is like without the overflow of money you get for being overpaid.

I found the most beautiful room I could've ever imagined in the cave.Since lasting God's promises.Beautiful to watch coming from a society which is absolutely self-obsessed.Felt so  floating aura  after this, thank you, you’re such an angel delivering message from heaven.Besides, for an enlightened person, he seems to be very bothered about his appearance, much more than most women!Good morning meta baba omshanti.One of the children became depressed and started crying because he wanted to be a king but his castle got washed away.I enjoy seeing and hearing your enthusiasm!

Look like Tom Hardy to achieve success, got it/.For our prayers to be accepted by the almighty, we need to focus during prayer to not think about anything in life.Can't believe you eat all that before eat in a healthier way because everytime I eat something fried or ice cream or somethign like that I feel like dying.We see an other through our own data playing!SAMASTAH LOKAH SUKHINO BHAVANTHU OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI.Bramhchraya is followed till marriage After that it is ended and we enter in grihastaasrham to produced new generations.That switch, along with limiting screen time, has made a big difference in the atmosphere at home.Thank you from upstate New York.Evolution of global consciousness:Judaism - super-egoChrist - egoMuhammed - id.

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Joshua Aaron Flores Stavedahl

Blessings. This meditation reallly blessed my day today. Thank you.

Apples Girl X

She’s Deluded to say sexual morality doesn’t matter !! It does lady. Another flake no matter her out of body trip -

Ethan Collins

Thank you

prabhakar tiwari


Gleason Parker

It is good to know that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. My stomach was very tight from eating too much this morning but I think when I listen to some of these videos especially this one it helped me with my digestion.

Ameer sadiq

You are amazing

Lusi Beraciri

Thank you for this beautiful music. I’m a sports scientist and whenever I listen to this it allows me to think better

Rosario Grondin

j love it


Jai Ambe


Muy ermosas imgenes y bonita musica


This is so true.There is so much noise, there are so many vibrations going on at the same time, it is beyond disgusting.Yes, one must be conscious of all beings, sentient beings, life-mother earth herself, all the good, bad, ugly, positive or negative vibrations, thoughts, and words.All diseases, and or attacks, that happen to the human body can be healed from within.Take a break from life, and act like a child, be like the children, go have fun and play.Laugh as hard as you can, fill your soul with heartfelt laughter until you bend over, or literally fall down and start pounding the floor or ground, Laugh until tears roll down your face, to the point that you can hardly breathe.I do this all the time, and at times I end up snorking.....Make others laugh, just as hard if not harder.Love life to the fullest each day and be grateful, kind and compassionate.Take a walk in nature, and find Zen. This is truly, is the secret of :The Fountain Of Youth.

Midhun kumar Kumar

Great mennn

Andrew Leeson

Such an odd expression of life in such a beautiful way

Sorry, to few in depth information. I can still not figure out, how this type computer works. How it is programmed, aso

Secret Schizophrenic

Bro I do the eye contact thing NOOOOOOOOOOO

John Corella


Richard Emmanuel

Great guidance


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