Five Minute Mindful Breathing

Understand yourself first!You are a King/Queen, go out there and be blessed in all that you do.The words and actions will just follow you to the grave if they're not given a place or action.Thank you for this meditation."Are we getting to the point now in our human evolution where as Led Zeppelin says, ".

Even if we assume

Even if we assume

Also, that accident that changed my life, it happened during fire prevention week, if that isn'tsending a message from beyond, please hug everyone you know tell them you love them.I didn't do any of this myself.I love listening you, your voice is so good to ears that literally made me relax and meditate.I’ve actually had an ancestral reading before a few months back and this confirms.My favorite meditation is from Wim Hoff, when I do it I get a good feeling.(That conceals out the act of love).Iam not bragging but I've learned about it at the age of 23, I didn't know that the Japanese had patented it.

I want everything back That Randy kuretich Rose Martellaro, Becky Rollins, Sheila Rollins, Mercy Today Ministries and affiliates stole from me or facilitated the theft of from the property of 1336 Elm Ave, Canon City Colorado 81212.I am having a relatively strange experience in relation to heartbreak right now.Shave you head, escape from all responsibilities and then say happiness in in your mind haha.Great thanks Russell I am going to do your meditation.Intro to neuroscience: Study philosophy.Bruh when I was a kid I was constantly in a flow state, everyone thought I was a genius, but I was just a hacker lmao.

I love her, she

I love her, she

I fall a sleep after listening this one.Can’t believe this is working she’s shy like me She’s shy to talk on Saturday she came to me and I was so shy I said something stupid and walked off Today I complimented her she was too shy and didn’t tell me her name.Ho'oponopono meditation works really great for this!So after every encounter with the female gender go into mediatation and release the energy absorbed.Qi Gong is very helpful for this, but the discipline is the key.Who else wants to try this but is hella scared.

As a collective

As a collective

Jackie chan - endless love.When my esteem improved I felt less of a need to do this.Why did I get the feeling there was a book involved somewhere down the line!I didn't know Ed Kemper had a social life.There more clips coming soon.So I am gonna go out on a limb here and ask it because I need to know for my own sanity.Then we sat down and braided the grass.Yeah, I haven't managed to wait for the night to watch it.

What an amazing experience I had and is still in my body right this moment!I didn't feel well and I clicked on this and.I truly wish to be Happy again.Textile industry is second largest pollutant.Love of nature, the instruments used in ethnic music, and the soul.

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Sarah Nelson

I've got a Bacon number of 3 :)

John Bates

Whenever I listen to your meditations I think to myself this is perfect. This mediation on self love is truly perfect. I often wonder what the source of your kind spirituality, wisdom and love is. It must be a beautiful place.

Heike Stamm

wonder - full and healing: thank you very much! solange


Lovely meditation in every way. Love your voice and background. Thank you!!

Templanza Templanza

Que belleza !!.... Saludos desde CHILE !!...

Rotem 365

He literally predicted the corona virus


jesus! the protesters are always worse thatn the problem they are making known.


People seem to like it, but it doesn't sound natural to me. (lived most of my life by the beach btw). The timing isn't right, sounds like two different recordings played at the same time so I can't seem to relax to it.Gave it a thumbs up tho, as Erik er kul says there are no ads and I appreciate that kind of consideration in a relaxation vid.

Karthik -Sun

embracing yourself, your weirdness is a powerful thing.. i understood it after watching the Joker. Im a totally different person now.

tiif rstxy

COOLEST GUY IN THE ROOM ...1. Use of sarcasm in a positive way .2. No big deal , without a grin , in a tone .3. Your speech and words choice affect how people percieve you .4. Jokes - lift others , respectLift yourself , more self centeredness5. Your attention : not yours ,, force others to be more interseting .

MelphBoyChuck 2018

Great I needed this


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