[HINDI] Freedom from time - Magic of pure present | वर्तमान में आनंदित जीवन कैसे जीएँ? -

But yet I felt relaxed and less stressed when I woke up.I can't even explain how important it was for me to see it.Merci beaucoup pour la musique.Dette er suveren musikk med et suverent pianospill, takk Rena!Thanks, it lets me want more inner peace!Ekchart you have changed my life for the positive with your teachings, and I can't thank you enough!This is amazing, it helps my sister and I sleep.

I have everything i need within to create prosperity and peace for my family.Your personal life doesn't really matter, Tom.It also gets me with those violins about how sometimes the pain comes back in waves and hits me.Mera husband to ghumta rahta he.Pehle ladkek ghar vale tayarthe.

I have depression and sleeping

I have depression and sleeping

But I'd like to see an 80 year old who looks 40 or younger and has the body functioning (flexibility and strength) of a 35/40 year old.I’m healthy, I’m wealth in heart I choose, I am a hopeless lover a men filled with wonder I choose to be true.Great stuff, youre helping a lot of people.It is the most logical thing.Everytime I try to meditate in any way my body gets so uncomfortable like just your spine feels uncomfortable and you hve to move.All this positivity crap, makes me wanna puke.Wow why would you put ads right in the middle of the video.

) He is criticized by the left

) He is criticized by the left

Proving people wrong with your success.Greetings from an indigenous man from Baguio city, Philippines.Lots of love and blessings from Ponda, GOA, India.Thata just my opinion, that's all it is from what I heard this Karen may saying during the interview!Jab maut ka kaal whi wo to.Also, when you experience some psychological drama or even trauma at a very early age as a child it does effect your brain development.Do not start the hypnosis in random places.I have been listening all day.(Trump's uncle knew him, probably deceived him too).

This is our first time meditating in the morning and should now be an everyday thing.They have helped me immensely and I am grateful that you share with us.I love the beautiful scenes!Bye bye corporate environments.It is extremely beneficial and powerful.

Maybe you're unsure of yourself.I love my childen and I wish them well.It bothers me that's it's all subconscious and the second I start relaxing I'm suddenly thinking about about a day in the 3rd grade when the class made ice cream sundaes and had fun playing board games.Bonjour,vraiment belle musique relaxante,.Can we not just say when I am in connection with God I am.Gusto ko ito, maraming salamat!Why give no chance for the authorities to do a post-mortem to determine the cause of death?Its gods way of flushing things down the toilet when they are no longer wanted and desired.May God Bless you all with your love and get whatever you wish for.I believe that you will be only able to understand karma, when you stop trying to do good stuff only to recieve it back from life, or others.

Can somebody answer these

Can somebody answer these

Adriene, I just want to say thank you for your videos.I enjoy the focus on parts of the body and the colour visualisation.You have unknowingly relaxed your disapproving attitude, and thereby let the light of ananda come through, in those moments.And randomly I would feel my right arm being pulled.Im pretty sure this is not far from reality at all."I was right not to be threatened by you.Doing meditation 1 even 2 hour a day, not only for an year but for a life, you'll understand that meditation could bring your mind and consciousness far beyond an human understanding.Their source is the same though they differ in name, the mystery of life, the infinite Tao.Don't forget folks,all these interactions in front of the cameras and audience have been rehearsed in the green room earlier in the day.The whole time I was travelling amongmy dreams that are dreaming about myself in me.

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You knows induce your energy from your budy in maasages budy for anyone persson,or not ? I 'll give you a lesson any time you whant somebudy for this them...

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David Analyst

i was with you until you started story time

Frederique Michiels

Thank you soooo much . Every full moon I take the time to surrender to your wonderfull music and let go of all that I no longer want and need and am ready for to let go

Alina O

A very meaningful talk... Is Br. Steindl-Rast blind?

Alain Maitre

Mindfulness training is the best .Thank you .Mindful working walkingresting writing breathing meditating talking thinking etcetera ...

Skaffa Scheme015

2 hours later still awake


i have been struggling with deep, dark, painful emotions. I went to doc and now i am on anti depressants. does this make me weak?

Maria Moura

wow on the spot !! scary ... :)

Miguel Sandoval

This reminds me of something sad, but I can't find it.


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