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Does that mean there's no God but only intelligence that created us?I LOVE my Binaural Beats community!And you covered so many of them.Panogutarbrd singin=presence.

If you read after this suggestion please reply.Aur abhi jaise hi 2019 suru hua main apne aap ko notch wala 64 gb storage aur dual camara wala phobe chalate hue imagine krta tha aur merko phobe mila par muje triple camara aur 128 gb storage aur 5000 mAh battery wala phone mila vivo y17Yeh trick real hai.This is exactly what I needed to hear today.Don't go to a person you don't know anything about!Merry christmas everybody!Gostode ouvi-la e meditar.This video is absolutely perfect.Sir aap is jawane ka krisn ho jiske pas atyant giyan ka bhandar hyou are great sir.

This is all from a book called Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman:).I had an awakening the other morning and all of a sudden videos like this started popping up along with affirmations videos.Not full time yet but everyone has to start somewhere.I have so much trouble visualizing and always have!Amazingly i stopped hearing anything outside when the noisy road works.Oh God - you were so off Russ.Nothing powerful as some people describe in the comments.

I pray my vibration changes.Lies a lot of lies not logical.Thank you so much for creating this and your other videos, they're real gifts.Women see creepiness in men thanks to feminism.I work in a retirement home and a lockdown will occur tomorrow until the crisis is over.Maybe a bit less talking in the beginning May have been better?It is really hard for me to control my thoughts.From now on, have a nice time.I was enjoying it up until the point where I was asked to come up with a joyful moment.I will appreciate it very much!

QUEM PODE ME AJUDAR A SER BUDISTA?By that I mean everything was very detailed.This could be a Boards Of Canada song if it were a little more warbly.Your so Sweet Thanks a lot.I am so grateful to God for the Blessing you have shared!I don't know where I'd be without you.2nd financial crisis of my life and the same idiots are in charge.

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Vindu Kumari


Haylee Renaud

I have insomnia and my brother and I are going through a rough time and this might help it so I'm going to try this for a week and see what happens .Day 1:I feel more relaxedand I got really good sleep. This also helped me keep my cool in some way!Day 2: I have a lot more energy than usual let's see how the day goes!Day 3: I'm focusing on school and can see myself seeing things more positivelyand last night I dreamed usually I dont have deep enough sleep to dream.Day 4: you get it I'm out

Melisa Del Valle

I feel so good listening the water in the back.. thank you for this beautiful melody!


Yes! I was waiting for this last night, so hyped :)


Not effective....

Bradley Wells

thank you, very helpful brother.

Andy Andresen


Soulful Creations


Noelle Rose

my first time trying this I was able to connect with my future self but was unable to sustain the connection. From the fleeting few moments I experienced it was the most lovely and comforting feeling in my life. I could feel her hug me and all of what she felt was what I felt, and I could feel her confidence and courage, her kindness as if they were my own. I will definitely try this again as soon as I can and cannot wait to meet her fully. Good luck to all of you out there and I hope your meetings are everything you could have hoped and more

Magna Marianne Czagany

Describing human absurdity and the behavior that leads up to it.

Myre Fall

I am at school when I tried this. Didn't go all the way, but I feel really weird. While rising to the light I would do little twirls and i could feel my body twitch. I could also hear a giggle. I didn't see much but somehow everything became so very bright even though my eyes were closed. I would see almost like a clock hand circling and almost wiping out my thoughts. I felt the pressure on my crown and i could feel my body go numb. I want to go home and just do this. I love this and have been craving something like this for what seems like forever. Thanks!


People are really going to love ASMR personal attention videos when they’re stuck in isolation/quarantine for a few weeks! Let’s see how weird you think ASMR is now


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