Jordan Peterson Discuss Sam Harris' View On Religion

Looking forward to listening to another year of your beautiful creations!Sir kaise pta chlega ki kaun jhuth bol tha h kaun sach.When I say plenty i mean an incredibly large amount of people!Thanks for this wonderful video.I was going through several life challenges but as I began to play your music during my prayer time I began to experience The Father in a new and living way!Tell me your experiences of this guided meditation, it would be great to hear from you guys.Also, Cuomo, there is no national set of rules because the virus's impact differs depending on theregion.

It is getting away from you.I wonder if she got the should/could/would from Louise Hay.000 bovis unit,that s what i measure.Students all over the world are living the lives of their dreams because they found the missing secret?Koi ase mat karna pesa bigde ge.Sadhguru has it <3 He's my present "hero" on Earth.They looked good but not sure if you were aware of how well they showed your package.Sweet dreams, my friend, my heart is sent out to you.

India me subah ke 4 bje, duniya me kitne baje.People don't realise just how easy it is for them to see "The Processing System of LIFE" which remains permanently in our sight.A Dentist,who was rich,from her husband,she left, slept with my husband and destroyed everything,single mom sent in her 2 grown men kids and cleared me out, I lost everything I had worked for.They do not want to hear about why we need to stop wars or hunger or animal abuse or violence, all they want is to think about their own happiness.My understanding of meditation has been ENHANCED!People that claim other people's ideas as their own are not to be trusted.I'm gonna go chase my awareness and bring it back to academics.I want to know where the first picture was taken.

I didn't go "cold turkey" because i knew i wouldn't have been able to.I just watched this video and just meditated for the first time.I work in aviation and i think a lot of airlines are going to really start cutting flights as they are losing sqillions.So is there carrier with spirituality.An absolutely excellent video.Man I love your show more and more.

We have some guests visiting us soon

We have some guests visiting us soon

When you ignore everything.I have no patience for any of this and I'm not able to do these videos.Then had a painful stomach ache, which then turned to nausea.Success, however you the individual defines it which doesn't always need to be defined by a paycheck, should free your brain up enough to the point that you should be able to accomplish something special with it if you have a belief system that is acceptable according to your higher power.I used this to meditate on a couple times since it came out but then experiences started happening soo fast.Russell needs to listen, instead of trying to think of what he's gonna say next.My music stopped at 9:01:38.Ich war gerade ganz oben langsam komm ich runter.Don't listen to these people."I can assure you they're not.

Third eye chakra is agya chakra.Thank you for the advice Russell!Thank you for all your teachings.I am truly a big believer in this.24:00 so, kill chickens to feed the tigers?I believe that I saw spirits when I was young and my parents never believed me so I was forced to lay alone in fear at night in the dark.Cause these will give rise to suicidal thoughts.You’re the most important person in your life.

Love her this is a nightly deal

Love her this is a nightly deal

Perfect formy preparation for boards.My mind got a little irritated by that sound ).Nop you keeping talking i cant sleep.Summary: 1) DNA and genes (bio markers as you referred to them as) make you good at some things and bad at other things.I can't breathe rn fr tho.

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the thing is i have watched all the videos u referenced in this video on youtube, how addicted am i?

Barbara Wright

Mans Search For Meaning, how true, clinging to the search for joy, happiness s the root of discontent. lovely Dharma TALK

Lily's world

Other's while zoning out: sad sheetMe while zoning out: thou speaketh the language of cheese sticks

Jonathan White

Perfect timing.'Working', painting a magical earth child on canvas in my living room right now,this is playing on my 'smart' tv. THANK YOU for everything you do!!!Love to all from Joelle in rainy beautiful Nova Scotia ( Art flowing effortlessly to my hand with this OM theta music. I don't want to stop--bye.)


If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason. Ask, believe and you’ll receive.

The Mighty Sparrow

Ron Swanson is my Hero ....I'm not lying

Kenneth Perry

I wake at 2.15 because i start at 3am

JoonYoung Jung

Discovering this relaxing music, i think my soul is healing from this unknown pain that's hurting me for a long time. I thought it was gone but it was only sleeping somewhere deep down my heart. Why am i feeling this? I feel empty and alone, i feel like there's something missing but i dont know what it is.

Elayne K

Love it!

Carol Hartung

This is very interesting and revealing!

Bella Afina

then I just realize that I use this techniqueto my lecturer

Sound of Madness

Can you fall asleep to this

Erica B

Stop reading the comments and go to sleep!

Joel Yap

And the victory

Lesa Baker


Keo B

So if you see your future and you didn't like it would that be the opportunity to change that in the present?lol

Ray Remillard - Actor

Beautiful. Inspired. Thank you!

Hoang Anh

Tuyt lm

ga777 ga777

I recently began meditating and your words have inspire me to do so everyday thanks

Omar al-maqtari

If the electron's spin position in superposition is probabilistic (between 0% and 100%), then we should have many more states for 2 qubits than just 8. Actually it should be 9900. (I think )

Ralik Anderson

This made me feel music again

Balasaheb Koli



Very good and nice


Honey please come back to us, I love you so very much.

Ronny Bunny

You are great bro love u


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