I feel like I want and need the change, but I don’t know where to start.Thank you so very much dear Sir Tim for such an enchanted videos and amazing music.You bring us such Wonderful Advice!My brother was sleeping in no time.Your smile is like the joker smile, you're hot:).I hope this body scan meditation is going really well for you!

Sir, those who can

Sir, those who can

In many new age circles it has become completely taboo to even talk about weakness, poverty or even mental illness.I visted The Ranch once back in '90 or '91.You are here for a reason, a purpose.Om santi mem can I talk to you.He s got an impressive voice.My family I thank you ever so much.8 minutes into the conversation the answer still wasn't given.

Such a bad week this is just what I needed.And one more question it is about my daughter she keeps forgetting homework no interest in studies.Is this a new currency for existing?Can i get a "like" from all my fellow stubborn ppl out there.Why does silence make people uncomfortable?Hello from another Meditator.

And hell is separation from truth, which is God.Tima para quando voc vai fazer as coisas.Whenever I hear this track.I'm trying to get him to connect with me and getting out of the old habits and engaging then embracing :) Thank you for sharing!This is the best video on history of yoga.This is my playlist to fall asleep to my 2 month old daughter.

Don't talk about meditation when you have half knowledge.Love listening to rain as we don't get enough of it.I am muslim and from Pakistan but i liked your video very much.Stopped as soon as I heard the voice.I have depression and sleeping problems.

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Nicolas Fouad

I have uploaded a video on how to raise your vibration! Check it out! Subscribe and like! Thank you. :)

The Ozarks: Journey To Self-Sufficiency

I'm guessing these people have birth certificates and social security numbers?

Mark Smith

I love this medication,i just wish the microphone was not so harsh on the ears .its hard going through theheadphones

, . . .


if jazz was a woman i'd do her everyday, just like my homework.


Hari om

Dharmender Yadav

These sound sould be listened continuously for healing like continues 11 hours? Or in part wise

Lawrence R Reed

What's with the cricket background??? The piano is Magnificent, thank you, Lawrence R Reed Artist.Paintings.

Kundan Singh


"All of man's troubles stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone.""We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also, by the heart." -Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)At 110:25, Wayne says THE MOST IMPORTANT of all the countless great points, when sharing his awareness of our increasing spiritual assistance!

Logan Keylimato

I post spiritual videos if anyone would like to check them out I'm trying to inspire and help more wake up! <3

word for food

Gentle Man

Simple things... Greatly explained...

anil sharma

Maa ki choot teri brahm kumario ki randi saali aurto ko chudwati hai center me

Bvr Rao

This divine persons always nearer to the God... We are not deserved to praise them, except head bounded


Chuck Norris


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