Mystic demystifying the Bhairav Tantra Sutra

YBC is the best in Float Tunes.Damn this one is one of my top 3, a year too late but so glad I watched this!Humans are social beings and we tend to get influenced by how others respond or react to our behaviour.I like these recently made meditations.Whenever I sit for meditation I get tense in head even if I sit after doing shithilikaran.

This is however, extremely hard for

This is however, extremely hard for

Pray also for your priests, Pastors, servants, nuns, your neighbors and even enemies.The downside of the human species, is that it Contains DOUBLE LOGIC in is GENOME.You always upload my kind of video.This is very apparent and distracting in your podcast.Very peaceful flute every person should listen this melody flutefor positivity in human life.

As a man, do this :-

As a man, do this :-

THIS music is calm andit is amazing.Try, try as much as possible to be cleaner.You're not a bad person, you were just lost and you're on your way home now.Always listen to this music while Im doing other jobs!I love you Boy: I wouldnt cry if you walked away.So much gratitude for this wonderful lady, and for Mindvalley.

I started playing with

I started playing with

Never thought I'd enjoy a launderette at night.I want to open my chakras so I can learn how to improve and be happy.You can see that you really love them.Feelings of gratitude 'pour' for this city.I hope you have a nice day.I want to make a good living myself with my own academic success.

What about the

What about the

Or just stare at the screen?It's sounds so peace full.I am68 years old and a beginner.Now who thumbs down worship music.Michael is the best on YouTube, real hypnosis.Zoolander disgust me when ever he opens his mouth, little too late?Where do you draw the line between feeling an emotion completely, and letting your thoughts spiral out of control which causes the emotion to worsen?

How can being allergic/not

How can being allergic/not

I set my intention and in my dream I was able to do what I have been wanting to do (being open with my emotions/feelings verbally, talking, rather than holding them in) and I was able to practice in my sleep and I think it has totally helped.Peoples are same we should know the way how to deal with them.Great simple straight forward explanation of the occult!The brain is so useless, needing to be more unproductive then productive.Hi, can you do hypnosis for improving motor skills and coordination?

I can feel My Astral Vibration against this 3rd dimensional Vessel A's if it is a Butterfly working to Emerge from the cocoon Fighting to feel it's True Existance.It shouldt matter about the color of your skin.For the person, the i love.I've been doing this since you alerted me via email.Bless up in abundant Mary.

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April looks like a hot momo

lenorah lukoye

I shall not die but live and declare the works of the lord, i reject every arrow of death in the name Jesus


Thank you so much! Namaste <3

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I love msic

Sofie D

I love these guidance video's very helpfull. Thank you

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Old lizard woman

Sun Anj

I love you sir thank for advice and change my life

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Didn't know I needed this until it started playing. Thank you so much for this.

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Thank you.

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What are this tools sadhguru was talking about,to handle our emotions and thoughts?please can anyone elaborate?

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Adriene's awesome




Potassium should be taken with magnesium.

pure love

I am curing myself of Bulimia - Day 1 Using the book ''breaking the habit of being yourself'' I'm so ready to break all the habits!

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Thank you so much Marisa. Kisses and love from Algeria

JFK Preschool 2014-2015

Well byeLove vermont

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In my opinion, if you don't play music while talking, it's better for me not being fluent in English to understand what the topic of discussion is going to be.


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