Pickup At The Gym, School, Work (In Depth Lecture)

They suffer so much and need our love.But it takes some awakening some waking up ourselves by someone that is himself happiness.So listen to it every night, I just hope it still helps.Wow, I finally slept thru the night!

-- And I can honestly say I've never seen anyone braver or smarter than her speaking at events like this.Still waiting for this prick to have a Ego deathSpeaking in third person FUCC OFF.This whole universe and life including human is not meaningless.I purchased the power of now years back, it's on my kindle so I may revisit the gems he drops ay any time :) It's ironic that I was put on to Eckhart by a leftist actor who is quite radically progressive.God needs our prayers to do the work he already wants to do.Sachwerte Sachwerte Sachwerte ohne jegliches Drittparteirisiko!Man i just spoke to my granny and she passed away when i was almost 2 but she just came to me im spirit and when she kissed my cheek every hair on my body stood up.That they read it before somewhere!I am in my late 40s so maybe that has something to do with my perception.The past two weeks have been particularly bad.

I miss my gf so much on this sound, i Hope there is happiness for me in the future like with her, I'm so sorry.Results are practically immediate.I just drink in my free time.(Creators work) sry for the inconvenience.I feel like a baby with this music lol.The content is really gold.It has definitely saved me and changed me (for the better) in so many ways.It's embarrassing, but I get a hard on while listening to this chat.

Agar mne thought ko sor dia to

Agar mne thought ko sor dia to

BEE IS THE ONLY INSECT I CAN COMMUNICATE TELEPATHICALLY- VERY CLEAR IF THAT HAPPENTHAN BEES RECEVE THE FEELING AND THOUGHTS OF OTHER PEOPLE TOO.After a couple of weeks being out of balance and not sleeping, I found this site and listened.This is another collection that will help me sleep peacefully at night.You'll always be apart of me and I you and WE to God.Good evening<3 Love your channel<3.I did this complete video yesterday and I must say it was amazing.Sometimes,I think I'm no so good as I think I used to be, probably because I used to face challenges that were easy for me.Thank you, thank you,thank you!For me, I can always tell that I'm holding on to something,when I get an almost panicky feeling to get out of a stretching pose.Go deeper deeper deeeeeeeppppppeeeeerrrrrr.

Have faith God is in control.I can hear everything but this music so yeah go to sleep!Thanks for doing what you do!To a higher zone you’re not alone!Slowing down the exhale from clarinet deep breathing control - pranayama like the Wim Hof method - holding the breath AFTER exhale (activates the deep vagus nerve to store up energy).You are love that was created from love I love you.Love peace and blessings to you.Watch respirations close your eyes and sit quietly.

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Stephanie C h

Thank you.

Nick Ahir

he doesn't know


For most of my life ive had chronic insomnia and ive gone days without sleep. Your voice helps me meditate and helps me fall asleep while helping me center myself. So thank you for making this video

Gaurav Singh

Does anyone have a doubtful mind which isn't satisfied ever?

Cody Bartlett

True 7:00

David Young

The instructions need proofreading.

Cortez Mitchell

Glad I’m not alone

salman anjum

Why did i get this recommended? I am not procrastinating. Or am I? Youtube! What do you know?!


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