Present! - Geshe Lhakdor on the Near-Death Experience

Thanks for your supportEdit: I watched the beginning and you have explained all of them already.Could have used this yesterday.I need healing and deep repair.I just needed some relaxing guitar music and here it was SO RELAXED.

And you never really

And you never really

How many of the millions of people viewing this video will actually become successful?Ron Swanson for President.The most beautiful thing I've ever heard.I worked with Debra Messing years ago!I was playing with a boy no older than four was he.Is their a shred of scientific proof to this wild claim.

The most silly looking thumbnails in all of youtube, but some of the best and useful content too.Something really confusing happened today and this made me feel much better.This is one of the most nicest videos ive seen,, and good piano.I can't believe how hot Aubrey Plaza looks in this.And yet, at this very moment, we are here, trying to dig in our minds for that one piece of happy memory that seems to keeping us afloat in life.Wr i can get personal guidance.Came home and looked for music, found this one we are only a minute or two in and he has curled up with his fleece on and is sleeping soundly (he wouldn't settle at home either).Kar chuka hu ye tech sabse effective hai.Ps- my eyelids wont stop twitching and trying to open OHMYGAWDSTOP.

Kyo banate ho insan ko bhagwan,

Kyo banate ho insan ko bhagwan,

So I went to bed properly and have just woken from the best nights sleep I have had in years.Anybody know what is this piece name?Seasonal depression is almost over.And not so easy to "ignore" when it starts to interrupt our daily lives.You have taught me so much and I am forever grateful for your gifts.I have no trouble sleeping.

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sunshine Gupta

Up to point explaination mam .

Anjan Chanda


The Death Twitch

Cringy spiritual people in the comments.


sandeep sir you did 26 push-ups in your "ulta seedha" show... I was there when you're done...

Cellci Ikhsan

Aku bermimpi sesuatu yg menakutkan tetapi aku selamat

Kanchan Singh

AwesomeBeautiful Music

Sandhya Nambiar

Thank you!wonderful experience!


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