"Observing & Naming Thoughts", Mindfulness Exercise With Naomi Goodlet

Here I am with a broken heart.I was so skeptical but i'm just gunna hang here an listen to this for while.She wants us to go back and see the one scene where we hear or see something about money.I came here to hear about breathing.Russell Brand is brilliant.PS I will look on iTunes for your music.Chant a long drawn out duuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh and all of a sudden your head becomes thick and empty, I aint not a dorkus!

Sublime, fascinante y absolutamente bello.One can never miss a chance to be so politically correct!World would be more awesome.

And you're right it does bring

And you're right it does bring

They spent last Monday going over all of the signs in Level 1.I listened to this before sleeping.I was meditating on this but every affirmation I asked myself, am I?This is amazing as the first time i went to sleep with this on i got around 7 hours of sleep which i only got on a good night before.I take you to bed with me every night at least I don't have to cook for you and do your laundry.Thank you for this music.You thinking of kunzite possibly, looks very much identical to it.

Thank you Deepak for choosing the lush,stunning naturebackgrounds, the soothing sounds, and of course, most of all, your melodious, calm, centered voice.Maybe it a dumb question but please anyone know.Last night after beginning to read The power of now, my mind started to change.Sometimes world is cruel to me, Everyday i see people kill each other.I hear that word in this video one woman talking about Christianity religion believers.The first song sounds allot like a certain dragonborns song.It feels as it lasted much less than it was.And questioning the 'drivers'.You kind of just bragged about yourself and how you are successful now.I release it all to only regain the beauty of life.

I am working with beings in famine with no clothes!I understand why 900 people didn't like this.At the same time an ex girlfriend i were reunited.Mitch, that's a great video, but I think you're missing the point.I believe if we are messy, confused, in chaos, confusion and are dissatisfied on the inside, we will draw forth that same experience on the outside.The world is a much poorer, and dreary place without the light that simply shone from the spirit of this man.

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Yazz Ueny

5h:09 Mercii

Jannie Bijker

Thank you


1:16:00 i thought i was listening to evil morty lol

Jamsheed Begum


Samantha Hall

Can’t stop thinking about Will Smith as Genie

Robert Castle

C60 and GcMaf have been known to cure cancers and most deseases.The pharmaceutical companies surpress this.

Eliud S.O.


marjke jasmine

Beautifully positive meditation! Thank you for this, Mr Sealey, Namaste

Bismillah Rabbani

This is very nice. Thank you!

Annu Verma

:Thank you Dee so much, for the to connection of yourread. Stopped in middle of the video just to thank you. Namaste , Stay Blessed, Take care. Love from India.

Jennifer Harris

This cured my fear of the dark. Turned it on at night, and listened. Nothing but pretty music in the dark. Thank you,Soothing Relaxation.


I like the concept. But doesn’t it’s too much?And it’s scares. Everything is poison- depends on a dose. All what’s being said here is nice. But people who follow that much. Madly... looks insane. I’m trying to be honest. I don’t want to hurt anybody with words. I also want to learn that beautiful practices. But I don’t want to lose my mind. Can I learn distantly?

Suzanne Songue

if you want in every area of my life

Jantra Rodkhong

Love your staff

Scott Wilhelm

One of the better commentaries on Taoism.

Steve Wooldridge

What is up with the bad narration? Great documentary. Bad narrator choice.


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