The First Step in Spirituality - Vinita Bali with Sadhguru

This is giving me lots of peace in my heart!Wow Thankyou for sharing this.I was shocked and stunned.Had a melancholy combined with calm expression while slowly shaking head.Nahh I'll be back in 2 weeks, need to work on that stillness.I feel lonely a lot I have no friends never have and sex is the only thing that makes me happy and I'm not a good talker and you feel bad and you are theys no chance of getting any when you are desperate and obbcessed about keeping the pain away.

Narcissists are always

Narcissists are always

I am enjoying a nice big HAPPY glass of water right now!Today is my birthday I turn 43 years old.Bhai xmen ke galactus or magnetoor marvel ki scarlet witch ke pas ye powers hai lagta hai wo log bhi daily meditation karte hai.Continue to live right a do right.I know deep inside the most important that always made me smile are gone.

Commercials in the

Commercials in the

I love his sense of humor.Have a nice day everyone, and cheers from Italy.He’s an incredible human being who really does care,he reveals his struggles,he’s fearless,he’s as humble and human as we all are,together and he wants the best for all of us,as we want for Tom and his family as well.It can also help in healing holes in our natural aura or energy field.I keep telling people in the mental health industry here that if you have an anxiety disorder it is better to breathe out longer than you breathe in, but they don't believe me.

Sir bahot confusing ho aap,

Sir bahot confusing ho aap,

Praise God for the gift of life.I could like to see the power of exercise lol.It really does work the sound of his voice and the music and his instructions to relax made me fall asleep instantly.It keeps my room warm and cosy )).Your alright brother just Jesus the number one.While there are points on which we would disagree or need further mutual exploration, I want you to know that I love you Abraham for the amount of light that you bring as the universe brought me to you or you to me, and not any other person.The flame for God burns so bright in my soul that the addictions are just falling away!Stop trying to flirt with women.

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Abdul Multhalib Musa

link to just the song please.... thanks.

Quc Tun Phm

T l phng bao nhiu vy

Ganesh Kumar

What a real story mem thanks you

Israel Cortes

Maravillosa musica

Lynne Balzer

My experience with "hunches",interpreted as inspiration, has most often proved to be wrong. This has set me back financially and been a tremendous waste of time. Two nonprofit organizations, as well as two business ventures- in which I poured time, money and hard work - proved totally unsuccessful. Yet, at the time I started them I thought they were great ideas. I did succeed in one business in which I helped another member of my family who germinated the idea for it. How in the world can you ever tell which are right and which are wrong?My father failed in three businesses and finally went bankrupt. After his death my mother invested his insurance money into an unsuccessful business and also went bankrupt. Another relative and two friends also went bankrupt. All of these people had the best intentions and believed they were doing the right thing. It is no wonder that I'm now consumed with doubts and fears.

Md Ancharul

Angelique Goudeau

The music is great because it helps me get to sleep because it’s hard because I get bored I don’t care about the ads I just hate that they come every 5 MINUTES!

Roshan Verma

Now u think I have good experience

Thrash is life

Actually i highly disagree with you. I would describe myself as a very mindful person. I think about everything and everyone, I am very euphoric towards new and interesting things, I spent most of my alone time with philosophize every single moment. But still, i dont feel fulfilled. This extreme form of mindfulness that i am living at the moment, ist breaking my head, i cant sleep, due to my thoughts, I destroy every little positive moment i have with nihilism and logic. I think complete mindfulness is bad for human, actually i think everyone of these so called "ways of reacting" arent complete on their own. It is a mix of everything: Lust and simple desires, Meaningfulness in creativity, love, children or whatever, and even beeing scared of something. Aristoteles said that mindfulness is the only lasting and reliable source of happiness, but seeing it realistic, mindfulness torments and overwhelms your mind. There is no point in going for extreme mindfulness or instinctive behaviour. You gotta figure out your own mix, that makes you happy. Who am I to preach something that i am not even able to practice, even if I want to, but work for that on yourself. It isnt easy, it will take energy and time to truly know what fulfills you.

Nkandu Mukabe

Dealing with a lot of stress as my first semester of senior year is about to start. I'm anxious because I feel like everything is spiraling out of my control, even the things that I know deep down I have no control over. I put this on because my anxiety was becoming unbearable and I was staying up later than I know I should out of indecisiveness...Every time I come to an anxiety meditation and you do 4-7-8 breathing, it reminds me of when I was in high school and a friend who noticed my frayed nerves suggested I do it and guided me through it. It was a short moment, one she probably doesn't even remember, but I'm always so grateful that she took the time to do that for me, and I cried a little at the memory. My anxiety isn't gone, and I'm battling off the last effects of an poorly chosen coffee earlier, but I feel a tiny bit lighter. Thank you Adriene

John Lennon

You Are....Imagine

Lila Pakroo

you are here for a reason, a purpose. you can be whatever you want to be. a doctor, lawyer, therapist, any possible thing you want to be, be it. you are amazing and i love you more than anyone in the world !!


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